How Do I Customize Collaboration in Supplier Invoices?

Updated on July 16, 2020 07:23AM by Admin

In Collaboration, you can customize the visibility of various tabs present in the overview page of the supplier invoices.

For instance: If you don't want to view the "Tasks" tab in the overview page of the supplier invoice, that can be hidden using the collaboration.  

To Customize Collaboration

  • Log in and access the Supplier Invoices App from your universal navigation menu.
  • Click on the More icon and select Settings.
Supplier Invoices

  • Click on Collaboration from the General drop-down in the left panel.

  • In the Collaboration dashboard, you can view Associated Information. This includes:
    • News Feed
    • Calendar
    • Follow-Ups
    • Tasks
    • Call Logs
    • Email
    • Notes
    • Documents
  • By default, all associated information will be in Show status.

  • You can Hide associated information by sliding the Toggle off.
  • For Instance: Tasks In Supplier Invoices overview page is disabled.
  • Changes will get updated automatically.

  • Now, you cannot view the Tasks tab.