How can I synchronize Office 365 Email with Apptivo?

Updated on June 12, 2018 01:56am by Admin

Recently we have been getting a lot of questions about how to integrate Office 365 to Apptivo email. So you can use Office 365 for your business email, which can be set up through Apptivo. Here’s how to do it:

Email Synchronization:

Apptivo supports syncing of both the inbox and sent folder of your email.  To receive the complete synchronization experience, you must enable two different connections: Email Forwarding & IMAP Support.

Let’s have a look one by one.
Email Forwarding:

You can automatically forward all the incoming emails, to any other email account of your choice. Here is a simple way to get automatically the copy of the emails that arrive in Apptivo mail. 
For Ex: Mike has Office 365 & Apptivo accounts and would like to see the Office 365 Emails into Apptivo.

Steps to Configure Email Forwarding

  1. Access from “Apptivo” then go to “Email” option under “Preferences
  2. After selecting the “Email “ option click on “Add“ button. (This is the starting point to integrate.)
  3. There are two options available like “Email Forwarding“ and “IMAP Support“. As per example, Mike needs to see the inbox emails into Apptivo. So he must enter his email id into “Email Forwarding“ and click to “Save“. 
    insert your email id
  4. Then, you must collect the "Forward ID" from Apptivo.
    edit forward option
  5. If you have forwarded multiple email accounts, you must select the perfect forward id to process further.
    email forwarding id
Once you get the Email Forwarding id, you can configure the "Office 365 Email" by following below steps on how to integrate,
  1. Login to "Office 365" Web App, Click "Settings" > Mail Under Your App Settings
    office settings
  2. Go to Accounts > "Forwarding"
  3. You put the Apptivo "Forwarding Id" here. Please mention " Forwarding Id" as per the below-mentioned image.
    office forwarding settings
  4. Once finish the above steps, you can get all your Office 365 emails into Apptivo.

Note: Once you enable the auto-forwarding, emails from your office 365 mailbox will be available in Apptivo (the emails which are arriving after the sync is on will only be synced to Apptivo).
IMAP Support:

Apptivo "IMAP support" helps to sync the sent emails from any of your business email accounts to Apptivo email account. When you receive an email into Apptivo it automatically checks the “To” and “From” to determine whether any contact or customer is associated to that email id. If that is the case then the email can be viewed under the corresponding contact or customer.

Note: After completing the email forwarding procedure, follow the below steps to proceed IMAP support.

Steps to Configure IMAP Support

  1. Click on the “Edit” button, where you can find this action under the “Email settings” in your “Apptivo” account. For instance, please check this below image edit imap support
  2. Enable “IMAP support” toggle, provide the following details as these are important to “authenticate” your mail with Apptivo
    Email service - Choose the others email service from available options.
    Email ID - Provide your Office 365 email address
    Password - Type password of your Office 365 email address
    IMAP server - IMAP server name
    Port - Port number 
    select others
  3. Some crucial points to be followed when you are providing details for authentication, select the “Others” mail service for “office 365”. Then give correct details in “IMAP server” and “port”, as these are base of authentication. (If you have any confusion in these fields, try to find out accurate details on the internet).
  4. Once completed the above steps, then Click on, “authenticate” button. If you want to store your mail details, just click the “save” button.
  5. After clicking the authentication tab, one pop up will appear it will display saying the authentication successful.
  6. Select the “disable” field manually, in case you don’t want to the authenticate the email address.  
    disable forwarded address
  7. Any changes or modification or re-authentication in your mail ID or password, use the “Edit” icon to make whatever changes in IMAP support tab.
    edit address
    Note: Whatever changes made in Apptivo will sync to IMAP server in near real-time and vice-versa.

Trouble Shooting