How do I Implement Sales Commissions in Invoices App?

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Sales commission is paying a flat commission on the items sold by your retail sales personnel. There are three parts to implementing sales commission.

  1. Set up sales rep and sales commission for an item
  2. Create sales invoices
  3. Run Sales Commission Reports
Lets have a quick look to understand better.

How to prepare items for sales commissions?
  1. Log in and access Items app from universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Create an item in which you need to create a sales commission and a sales rep should be assigned to each products created.
  3. Once the product page opens up, click on "E-Commerce" tab and scroll down to the lower half of the page.
  4. Click on "Add" and You can view "Add Price List" popup, as shown in the image below.
  5. Select a price list from the popup and provide:
    • Price - Price of an item. Sales Rep.
    • Commission - Flat commission to your Sales.Rep.
    • Minimum order Qty - Determine the item quality to set commission for.
  6. Once the setup is completed as outlined above, sales invoices can be raised for items and sales commissions will start to be calculated.

Note: Before adding the price list, you have to create a price list and assign them to a customer. Visit this link to create a pricelist ->

Steps to create sales invoices

Now that the sales commission is configured for the product and the Sales Rep, all you need to do is select this product and sales rep when creating an invoice. The appropriate sales commission will be automatically selected.

  1. Now, move to Invoices App, and click on "Create" and select "Create New Invoice" from list.
  2. It shows a pop-up, where you select “Items” and click "Continue”.
  3. In “Create Invoice” page, select created customer (with a sales rep) by clicking search option.
  4. Add an existing item in "Products/Items Sold" section and create an invoice.

Note: A sales rep should be assigned to customer and the relevant items selected.

Generate Sales Commission Report in Invoices App

It extracts the report for the particular employee. All the invoices created by the employee in the given period are extracted with the attributes of “Invoice#, Customer, Product, Quantity, Unit price, Amount, commission".

  1. Click on “Reports” icon from Header bar.
  2. In general report section, select “Sales Comm.Report”.
  3. Select "By Sales Rep." from drop down.
  4. Provide sales rep name and click on “View Report” button.
  5. It shows the list of all commission earned by the sales representative for selling the products/items.

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