How do I View Contracts By Renewals?

Updated on September 18, 2020 05:22AM by Admin

In the Contracts app, the “By Renewals” option allows you to filter the contracts based on their renewal date.

Steps to View Contracts By Renewals

  • Log in and access the Contracts App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Select "Lists" dropdown and then click on “By Renewals” from the left navigation panel.
Contracts App

  • The menu will expand to display the renewal options based on which the contracts can be grouped.
    • In Next 30 Days
    • In Next 60 Days
    • In Next 90 Days
    • In Next 180 Days
  • Choose the preferred renewal days you would like to view the contracts. For instance: “In Next 180 Days”.
Select Renewal Period

  • Click on the "More Details" icon to overview the contract information.

Note: To view contracts by renewals, you have to ensure that the By Renewals view is enabled from Settings → Customize App → Views.



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