How do I Customize the Contracts App?

Updated on February 9, 2018 01:14AM by Admin

Contracts settings are provided with meaningful defaults. You can customize them according to your requirements by configuring the application.

Customize Contracts App

  1. Log in and access Contracts App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on “More” icon and select “Settings” located in the App header bar.
    A popup will appear with the group of configurations on the left, now we’ll go through each one with their actual values and adjust the actual values on the right:
    • General
      • Collaboration - Collaboration settings allows you to show or hide the common activities(Notes, Documents, Tasks, Events, Follow-ups and so on) from your Contracts homepage.  
      • Quick Links - Quick links have several links which guide you to various useful pages either internal or externally. You can add your needed links.    
      • Reports - Generate Reports based on Contracts created in a period.
      • Tags - Tags are a quick way to identify the contracts based on the labels created. You can group your contracts based on the Tags.
    • Email
      • Email Templates - These are predefined message templates which can be sent to customers whenever needed. You can also create your own custom email templates other than default templates.
    • Contracts
      • Number Generation - Each contract can be given a number to get identified. You can either enable auto generate or enter manually. 
      • Statuses - Contracts can be created based on the status. You can create your own status needed for your contracts. 
      • Resource Types - Set your resource type as to whom the Employees contract has to be sent. 
      • Retainer Frequencies - Retainer contracts get set based on the assigned frequency. It may be either monthly or annually.
      • Contract Types
      • Triggers -  It is a business rule which can perform certain events inside Apptivo. Triggers can be of three types which includes, 
        • Event Based
        • Time Based
        • Activity Based
    • Work Flow
      • Approval flows - You can create your own approval flow for getting your Employees contracts approved.
    • Payments
      • Payment Terms - It allows you to define when an invoice payment is done. You can create your own due date or set provided payment date.  
    • Customize App
      • Actions - Enable various advanced options to reflect on the App. It will be disabled by default to make the app simple.    
      • Master Layout - You can change your page layout as per your need.Custom fields can be added as per your business requirement. 
      • List Layouts - Customize your app fields in list layout as per your requirement. You can easily access your preferred layouts.
      • Views - It acts as a filter which filters your contracts based on a particular information. You can create your own view from "+" option.
      • Security - You can set your Roles, Users and Privileges to your Employees who have access to Contracts App. 
      • API - A programming interface that allows developers to interact with Apptivo to extend and enhance functionality.
      • System Messages - It is built to warn and inform customers during a certain situation. You can customize these messages to display the content you want.