How do I Create Resource Types in Contracts App?

Updated on September 18, 2020 04:36AM by Admin

Contracts App allows you to create various resource types as per your business utilities. You can easily segregate your contracts using this resource type.

Steps to Customize Resource Type

  • Log in and access the Contract App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on the "More" icon and select settings located at the app header bar.
Contracts App

  • Click on "Resource Types" from the "Contracts" dropdown located at the left navigation panel.

  • Click on the “Create” button and provide the following information:
    • Name
    • Description
    • Default Hourly Rate
Create Resource Type

  • Click on the “Create” button to complete.
Resource Type Created

  • You can update the resource type by clicking on the "Edit" icon if needed. The created resource type will be listed in the Resource Types section while creating or editing a contract.

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