How do I associate Multiple Contacts with a Single Customer?

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In you are dealing with business to business, its mandatory that you create as well as maintain an up to date database of the decision makers and other marketing contacts.

The marketing team shoud possess a comprehensive repository of business information regarding their customers else it will be nearly impossible to make good marketing strategies.

The reason is while dealing with a B2B firm, there are numerous challenges. That is the marketers have to convince multiple people, therefore they need to factor in a wide range of contacts into their marketing strategy.

Also the B2B customer databases should have information at multiple levels. That is you need to have the data of the users of your product at all levels and the number of individual contacts within the organization.

Another challenge that you would be facing is that the possibility of the  data degradation. With B2B customers, you need to keep an constant eye on their information to ensure that the details that you have been provided such as job titles, email addresses are up to data. The reason is the contacts can move up the company ranks or could even leave for green pastures.

Let us see how to add multiple contacts with a B2B customer.

Steps to Assign Multiple Contacts with Single Customer

  1. Log in and access Customers App from universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on "Show All" and select a customer by clicking on "More" icon.
  3. Customer overview page appears, scroll down to view contacts section.
  4. For instance, we are adding “Edward Bassco” and “Ruth Beark” as the contacts for “A J Cambre co Inc”.
  5. By clicking on “Add” button you can add the existing contacts and “Create” button for create a new contact for the particular customer.
  6. Now, you can view the associated contacts as shown in the image below:

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