How can I Perform Bulk Action in Items App?

Updated on August 24, 2017 06:23am by Admin

Once the items are created, there may be certain situations where you may be in need of updating certain fields or values to more than one number of items simultaneously. Now, this can be done at ease using the Bulk Actions feature, found in the Items App. This allows you to edit/update more than one item simultaneously.

The available bulk actions are:

  • Update - This lets you to bulk update the Item information like Tax Code, Product Manager, Enabled for Sale, Categories, Tags and so on.
  • E-Commerce - This lets you to enable the track inventory in bulk.
  • Remove Values - This lets you to remove the Categories & Tags in bulk.
  • Export - This lets you export the items in bulk.
  • Delete - This lets you delete the items in bulk.

For instance: Consider, you would like to enable the track inventory option associated with the items created. So now, instead of manually going to each item record and enabling it, you can bulk select the items and get the items updated instantly.

Steps to Bulk Update the Items

  1. Go to the Items App.
  2. Click on “Show All” from the left navigation panel.
  3. Select the items for which you would like to enable the item inventory.
    bulk select items
  4. On selecting multiple items, the “Bulk Action” button gets activated. Now, click on the “E-Commerce” -> “Track Inventory”.
    click ecommerce track inventory
  5. The Bulk Actions Track Inventory popup will be displayed, where slide the toggle ON for Track Inventory.
  6. Click on “Update”.
    click on update
  7. You can now see that the item inventory is enabled for those selected items successfully as shown below:
    track inventory enabled

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