How do I View Follow-Ups Assigned to My Employees?

Updated on December 1, 2021 04:33AM by Admin

Follow Ups which are assigned to your employees would be found on "My Employee Follow Ups".

Steps to view employees Follow up

  • Log in to your account. On the home page, click on "Follow Ups" from the left navigation panel.
Home Page
  • Click on the "Lists" dropdown and the menu will expand to show a list.
    • My Follow Ups - Follow Ups assigned to you.
    • My Employee Follow Ups - Follow ups assigned to your employees.
    • Recently Completed Follow Ups - The follow ups which are completed recently.
  • Select "My Employee Follow Ups" to view follow ups assigned to your employee.
Follow Up

How do I view Follow Ups for a particular employee?

  • You can view a particular employee's follow-ups.
  • If you want to view follow ups for a particular employee. Click on the “All” dropdown.
  • You can view all your employees. Select an employee you would like to view.
All Dropdown

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