How do I Create an Invoice with Multiple Cases?

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Invoices App allows generating an invoice for the billable cases using Invoice Queue option. This invoice queue collects all the cases which are billable, to generate invoices. Now while creating an invoice, if two or more number of cases are associated with a same customer, then those cases(multiple cases) can be included in the invoice.

Steps to include Multiple Cases in an Invoice

  1. Log in and access Invoices App from universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on “Invoice Queue”“Cases” found in the left navigation panel.
    cases under invoice queue
  3. The Invoice Queue: Cases page will be displayed with a list of cases that are ready to be invoiced.
  4. For instance: there are two cases associated to the same customer.
    click on plus icon
  5. Click on the “+” icon near the case that is to be invoiced.
  6. Create Invoice popup will be displayed as shown, with the following three options:
    • No, proceed with this case - On selecting this, only the selected case will be included in the invoice.
    • Yes, include all cases - All the cases associated with that customer will be included in the invoice.
    • Include cases in the date range - All cases will be included in the date range.
  7. Now, select “Yes, include all cases” option to have multiple cases. Click on “Proceed”.
    click on proceed button
  8. The “Create Invoice From Case” page will be displayed. Here, you can view multiple cases associated.
    multiple cases in an invoice
  9. That is, here two cases has been included in the invoice, as they were associated to the same customer.
  10. You can add notes to cases by clicking on “Add Note” icon, if needed.
    add note to cases

Note: If you want to create invoice only for the case selected, then click on “No, proceed with this case” option. Only the case selected will now be included in the invoice.

invoice created for only selected case

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