How to Add a Lead to the Target List from the Leads App?

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A target list is a part of a marketing and sales campaign. A lead is a target that qualifies the criteria of your marketing and sales efforts.
The targets can be individuals from
  • Existing contact/leads
  • Rented or purchased leads.

Consider this scenario, you are planning to initiate an email marketing campaign to welcome the new prospects who have recently subscribed to your service/product. You are planning to give them a nominal discount on their first purchase. The details of the new leads are entered in  the Leads Page of the Leads App.   Now you have to add them to a Target List called “Welcome Targets”.

Here its imperative that you create a focused target list that has been segmented as per certain criteria that you are sure will yield higher sales prospect.

Follow the steps given below to add the new leads from the leads app to the target list that will be used for a specific marketing campaign. Let's get going.

Steps to Add Leads to the Target List

  1. Access Leads App.
  2. Select all the newly entered leads. Here, we have selected the first 50 leads to be added. Now, click on the "Bulk Action" button.
    bulk action enabled
  3. Here select "Bulk Action" -> "Add to Target List".
    add to target list
  4. Now, select the “Welcome Targets” target list from the drop-down arrow. And click on “Save”.
    select target list
  5. Now, the leads are successfully added to the selected target list.
  6. The added target list can also be viewed in the “360°⟲” tab.
    target list in 360 tab

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