How to Disable Industries in the Leads App?

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Answered on May 2, 2017 04:10am by Maya

Adding industry type is possible in Apptivo Leads App. Adding industries makes its easy to classify the leads as per your business type.This is why you are allowed to include the industry type under industries in Lead App.

However, if you don't have clients currently, in a specific Industry type what would you do. Read on to know more.

Take Note

You should be aware of the fact that once you have add an industry type you will not be able to delete it. However, you can disable the Industry type from the list.

Why is it  necessary to disable certain industry in the Leads App

Consider this scenario. You are running a boutique business. Previously, you were catering to people in the education industry. Some of your esteemed clients have moved on.

And you have suddenly lost the interest to cater to those in this industry.

Since you cannot delete the Industry type from Industries, you have no other way but to disable Education from the Leads App.

It can be done in a few mouse clicks. Let's quickly walk through the steps.

Steps to Disable a Industry Type

  1. Log in to Leads App.
  2. Click on “More (...)” -> “Settings” -> “Leads” -> “Industries”.
  3. Click on the “Education” from the industries list.
    select education
  4. Now, toggle OFF the “Enable” field. Click on "Save".
    click on save
  5. The "Education" will not be displayed in the "Industry" drop down list when creating or editing leads.

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