How do I Set a Default Assignee for Tasks in the Projects App?

Updated on June 30, 2020 05:54AM by Admin

The Milestones in Projects App is a reference point that denotes a major activity in a project and is used to monitor the progress of the project. The Projects App allows you to create Milestones and each milestone consists of a number of tasks that are assigned to an employee.

This feature allows you to set a default assignee for the tasks created in the project’s app, reducing the need for selecting the employees manually, each time a project is created. While creating milestones and tasks, there are two ways to set the default assignee:

  • Static - The Static option lets you select the preferred assignee from the list of employees.
  • Dynamic - The Dynamic option automatically picks up the logged in user as the default assignee.

Steps to Set the Default Assignee

  • Login and access the Projects app from the universal menu.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select the Settings.

  • In the Settings page, click on the Customize app and selects the Master Layout.
Master Layout

  • By default, the Assigine Type will be Disabled.
  • To Enable the Assignee Type, click on the Hirerichal view.
Hirerchal View

  • Scroll down to view the Assignee Type, enable the Toggle.
  • Save the Changes.
Assignee Type

  • Now, click on Settings →  Projects → Templates.
  • Click on an existing template or create a new template.
  • Here, click on the Create button.

  • In the Create Template, enter the Name and other details.
  • Under the Project Information section, you can see the Assignee Type field.
  • Select the Assignee Type as Static. 
Create Template

  • Search and select the employee in the Project Manager field.
Search and select

  • Then, click on the Create button.

  • The Project Template will get created.
  • In the Template overview, you can view the Milestones.
  • Click on the Create Milestone.
Create Milestone

  • In the Create Milestone side panel,  set the Assignee Type for the Milestones also.
  • Then, click on the Create button.
Assigned To

  • You can view the created template on the list.
Template list

  • Now, create a project and select the above-created template in the Template dropdown.
  • On selecting, the Project Manager will be auto-populated.
Create Project

  • Whenever a project is created using this template, the default milestone will get created with the selected assignee.