How to Enable Email Notifications when the Case is Updated?

Updated on April 28, 2020 12:34AM by Admin

This setting allows to enable the email notification whenever the case record is updated in the system.

You can receive the Email Notifications in four cases:

  1. Case Creation
  2. Case Updation
  3. Case Assigned
  4. Note Created

For instance: An employee wants to be notified when he updates the “Status” field in the case creation page. For this to happen he must enable the email notifications in the Cases App.

Before enabling the cases update notifications, you will need to create email templates which will be automatically sent by the system whenever any changes are made to the cases.

Steps to Enable Email Notification

  1. Go to Cases App from app header bar.
  2. Click on “More(...)” icon -> “Settings”.


  3. Select “General -> Email Notifications” from the left navigation panel. Then, choose “Case Update”.

    left panel

  4. Enable the toggle “Enable Email Notifications” at the right side and click on “Create” button.

    enable notifications

  5. In the Create Notification page, give a name and description for the Case Update Notification. Along with this, configure the below criteria.
    1. Notify Upon Statuses - Select the status for generating an email notification. Whenever a case is updated to the configured status, an email will be generated. Here, New is selected.
    2. Notify Upon Attributes - Configure the attribute for receiving an email notification. An email will be generated only if the selected attributes are updated. Please ensure that all the selected attributes are updated to receive an email notification. In this, both status and assignee value has to be updated to get an email notification.
    3. Notify Receipts - Select whether the recipients should be the customer or Employee. In addition to this, you can decide on the email template for the selected recipient.

    choose template

  6. Now, update the case and the corresponding Customer will receive an automated notification.

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