How do I Create Tags in the Holidays App?

Updated on June 6, 2017 09:15pm by Admin

Tags in Holidays App allows you to easily group your created holidays according to your own preferences by giving it a label. This helps you to easily filter the specific holidays you need from the group.

For instance: Consider an employee, who wants to view the list of local holidays, then the “App Tag” namely “Local Holidays” can be created.

Steps to Create Tags

  1. Go to Holidays App from the app header bar.
  2. Go to “More(...) -> Settings” -> “General” -> “Tags”.


  3. Click on the “Create” button.


  4. “Create Tag” pop-up appears where you can fill in the required details.
    • Tag Name : Name of the tag which is mandatory.
    • App tag : Available only in the particular app.
    • Global tag : Available globally on all apps.
  5. Here, “Local Holidays” tag is created as an “App Tag”.

    app tag

  6. Created App Tag will be visible only in the Holidays App homepage.

    app tag view

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