What is Global Search in Apptivo? How do I Use it?

Updated on November 15, 2018 06:13am by Admin

This feature lets you search for an object record or an activity globally, throughout the apps in Apptivo. Using this, one can search for an object record in a an easy and efficient way, minimizing the usual time taken.

For instance: Consider a Sales Manager (Katie Dustin), who would like to search for the contacts with name “John”. In that case, instead of going to the Contacts App, he can just search for the contact right from the homepage itself.

Note: Only the apps that you have access to will be displayed in the table.

Steps to do Global Search

  1. Log in to your Apptivo account.
  2. Enter the name “John” in the “Search” field found near the “App Store”.
  3. Now, click on the “Search” icon.
    click on search icon
  4. On doing so, the search results will be displayed as shown below:
    global search results
  5. Besides searching for an object record, you can also search for the following activities - Calendar (Events), Tasks, and Call Logs globally throughout all the apps.
    view activities in global search

  6. Global Search for activities works based on the Access Level for Activities. Depending on the Access Level given for the employees, they can view the call logs, events, and tasks in the global search.