How do I Customize the PDF Templates in the Contracts App?

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The Contracts App offers an incredible feature that lets you to make your own custom templates, which can be used to generate the PDF versions of your contracts created. Specific to your business requirements, you can customize the PDF template. The PDF builder offers you to build a template in an easy and efficient way.

For instance: Let us consider creating a new template.

Steps to Customize the PDF Templates

  • Go to settings in Contracts App → Contract Integration → Print/Web Layout.
Contracts App

  • Select Create →choose the layout format. Here, “Start with the default Layout”.
Start with the default Layout

  • You can create a name for the template in the “Create Template” tab.
Create Template

  • You can see the “Create Template” page where different customization tools are available.

Different Customization Tools available in Contracts Apps


The Sections tool allows creating various divisions in the template. It offers various features.

Note: Sections add rows, columns, and lines on the page. Attributes should be added to the sections to create the template.

What is Line in Contracts App?

It marks the end of a paragraph or creates breaks between paragraphs or sentences.


What is One Column in Contracts App?

It creates a column where the content can be added. The Background color, Border size, Margin, and Padding can be modified using the Inspector tab.

One Column

What is Two Column in Contracts App?

It creates two columns where you can add the content. Similar to One Column, you can change the Background color, Border size, Margin and Padding using the Inspector tab. The content can be added using Attributes.

Two Column

What is Three Column in Contracts App?

It creates three columns where you can drag and drop the attributes. Similar to other Columns, you can change the Background color, Border size, Margin and Padding using the Inspector tab.

Three Column

What is the Header feature in Contracts App?

You can add the Header for the PDF layout using this feature where the attributes can be dragged and dropped. You can change the header height, the number of columns, background color, and border style using the Inspector tab.


What is the Footer feature in Contracts App?

You can add the Footer for the PDF layout using this feature. You can change the border style, border-color, and background-color using the Inspector tab.


How to customize the table in Contracts App?

You can create a table using the table feature. You have an option to decide the visibility of the column name using the “Please Choose” feature. You can drag the attributes into each column of the table. You can customize the table with the help of the inspector tab.

Customize table

What is Page Break in Contracts App?

Page break is used to divide a single page into two pages.

For Instance: Here, a Page break is added between the Header and Contract Information.

Page Break

It will appear as a page break when previewed after selecting the “Preview” feature.

Page Break Preview


Attributes are features that can be added to the template. Instead of entering the data, attributes automatically fetch the data and fills the information. The data can be customized using the Inspector tab.

Common Attributes

Common Attributes allows you to add App Name, Header logo, Free text, its’s description, Line, Button, and Page number to the template.

Common Attributes

For Instance:
You can add App Name to the template by drag and drop method.

Insert Attributes

The App name can be customized from the Inspector tab.

Let us consider customizing the Button feature from the Inspector tab. You can use the Inspector tab to add the URL, modify the background color, border size, Margins, and padding.

Button Feature

Insert Attributes

There are many instances where you have to add the data manually. If the quantity is more in number, the process becomes time-consuming. Apptivo saves your time and simplifies your work through the Insert Attribute feature.

What are Business attributes in the Contracts App?

You can add information related to your business like the business logo, name, address, and phone number by dragging and dropping this attribute.

For Instance: Let us consider adding a Business Address to the template.

Business Attribute

You can use the Inspector tab to change the alignment, font face, and font color.

Inspector tab

What are Customer attributes in the Contracts App?

Customer attributes can be used to pre-populate the information related to your customers like their Name, Sales Representative, contact information and address information.

For instance: You have to create sales contracts for ten customers. Instead of creating each contract manually, you can use this template to populate the necessary data automatically.

Customer Attribute

What are Opportunities attributes in the Contracts App?

Like Customer Attributes, all the information related to your Opportunities like their Name, Sales stage, Customer, Campaign and many more can be populated using the Opportunities attributes. Each feature’s layout can be customized using the Inspector tab.

Opportunities Attributes

What are Contracts attributes in the Contracts App?

Whenever a contract is created, information is collected related to that particular contract. Contract attributes authorize you to decide the kind of information that should appear when it is printed as a PDF.

  • You can add the retainer information, contact information, terms, renewals, fees, and billing information to the PDF using this attribute.
  • All this information is available by default in the template. You can either keep it or delete it by selecting “Please choose” → Untick the feature which you do not require.

Contracts Attributes

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