How do I Configure the Last Contacted Date in the CRM Apps?

Updated on September 4, 2017 12:30AM by Admin

In the day-to-day business process, it has now likely become troublesome for the business people to keep track of when a particular object (Lead, Contact, Customer, Opportunity) record was last contacted. So, one of the critical requirements of any CRM is to monitor and manage the date when the object was last contacted to progress with their sales process.

The "Last Contacted" field in the Apptivo CRM Apps shows the date when someone in your business organization last did something related to that record.

Now, this Last Contacted Date can be determined from the following:

  • Call Logs - Considers the call date from call logs as the last contacted date.
  • Emails - Considers the send date from emails sent by a user as the last contacted date.
  • Notes - Both the creation and modified dates of the notes will be considered for the last contacted date.
  • Events - Considers events to determine the last contacted date.

For instance: Consider the scenario where a Sales Manager (Katie Dustin), would like the Last Contacted Field in the CRM App, to be determined based on the Call Logs. In that case, he can configure it accordingly from the Business Settings as shown.

Steps to Configure the Last Contacted Date

  1. Log in to your Apptivo account.
  2. Click on "Business Settings" -> "Collaboration".
    click on collaboration
  3. Scroll down till you reach the Last Contacted Date Determination section.
  4. Slide the Toggle ON for the "Call Logs". The changes will be auto-updated.
    enable call logs
  5. Now, go to any of the CRM Apps (say, Leads App).
  6. Create a new lead.
  7. Initially, the Last Contacted field will be displayed as "Not Contacted" as shown:
    not contacted
  8. Now, click on the "Call Log" tab and create a call log.
    call log created
  9. Now, the Last Contacted Date will be set to the call log's date as shown:
    last contacted updated

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