How do I View all the Related Objects of an Item in the Items App?

Updated on November 1, 2017 03:02AM by Admin

The 360 degree view feature in the Items App allows you to have a quick view of all the objects (Cases and Inventory Management) that are associated with the item you are viewing.

For instance: Consider a Sales Manager (Katie Dustin), who would like to view all the inventory that is associated with an item. In that case, he can easily have a quick view of it from the Items App by clicking on the 360° tab.

Steps to View all the Related Inventory of an Item

  1. Go to the Items App.
  2. Select the required item by clicking on the “More Details (...)” icon.
    view item
  3. Now click on the “360°⟲” tab found next to the Overview tab.
  4. In the 360° View drop down, select the “Inventory Management” value.
    360 degree view items app
  5. All the inventory that is associated with this object will now be displayed successfully as shown:
    view inventory
  6. From here, you can perform the necessary actions if needed.

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