How do I Customize List Layout in the Contacts App for Mobile CRM?

Updated on July 28, 2017 12:35AM by Admin

This feature gives you the ability to customize the layout of the tabular view found in the Contacts App according to your business requirements.

In certain situations, you may prefer to view certain fields, other than the one given by default in the tabular view of the Mobile Contacts App. In order to do so, you can customize the list layout as per your requirements as indicated below.

Note: This customization is supported only in the web-version, which will get reflected immediately in your mobile device.

Steps to Customize List Layout in the Contacts App

  1. Go to the Contacts App in the web-version.
  2. Click on “More (...)” icon -> “Settings” -> “Customize App” -> “List Layouts” -> “Mobile”.
    contacts settings
  3. Click on the “Create” button to create a new layout. Select “Blank Layout”.
    blank layout
  4. Enter the name for the layout.
    enter layout name
  5. Drag and drop the preferred attributes from the “Palette” section found on the right panel.
    (Note: You can add up to 6 attributes in “Default” and 10 attributes in the “Additional” section)
  6. Click on “Save”.
    drag and drop fields
  7. Now, click on “View” option from the left menu.
  8. Under the “Mobile Layout” column, select the above customized layout from the drop down for all the views.
    select list layout
  9. The views will be updated automatically.
  10. Now go to the Contacts App from your mobile. The configured attributes will be displayed in the mobile list page and quick view details.