How do I configure the password policy in Apptivo?

Updated on June 25, 2019 07:26AM by Admin

By default, on signing up, you will be receiving an email notification with Email and Password to log in to Apptivo. That password can later be changed from the Preferences -> Change Password.

Now this Password Policy feature enables the superuser (admin) to restrict the option of changing the password and also prompts changing the password in the given duration. This will get reflected in his/her own login as well as in the employee's account.

Steps to configure the password policy

  • Log in to your Apptivo account.
  • Click on the “Business Settings” from the general settings under your name found at the top right corner.


  • Click on “Security” -> “Password Policy”.


  • Once you selected the “Password Policy” option from the “Security” drop-down. You can see two toggle options.
    • Allow password reset - This toggle allows you to reset the password for your account. By default, the “Allow password reset” will in enabled mode
    • Force Reset Password - This allows you to enforce resetting the password in the specified time period. By default, the “Force Reset Password” will be disabled.

Enabled Password reset

  • If the “Allow Reset Password” is disabled, you can reset the password from the “Preferences”. The steps to disable the same is explained below:
    • Slide the toggle OFF to disable it.


    • On disabling this, you and your employees will not be allowed to change the password. Now on clicking Preferences, the Change Password will not be displayed as shown:


    • Also, this will get reflected in the reset password page. When the user (employee) tries to reset his password, he will be notified with an error message as shown:


  • To set the configuration for their users to change their password at regular intervals, follow the below steps:
    • Enable the “Force Reset Password”. By default, its duration is 90 days. You can customize the password expiry duration.


    • When the user(employee) tries to login after the password expiry, the user will be forced to change the password as shown in the below image:

      Expiry alert

    • The user has to enter the below fields
      • Current Password - To identify the right user.
      • New Password.
      • Confirm New Password.
    • Once the user gives the required information and needs to click the “Change Password” button. It displays a confirmation message.

      Confirmation message

    • The user can log in with the new password in Apptivo.