How do I Create a New Property?

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Properties App helps you to collect and store information regarding the property which the Buyer gets from the Seller. This App mainly works for the Real Estate business people as a real estate software where the Seller who sells land or a house can have the full details of the buyer who is getting them. They can make notes, attach property agreements, and even make a follow-up of the events.

Steps to Create Property

Create button

  • In the Creation Page, fill up the following details:

    • Property Information - Enter the details of the property like Title, Type, Subtype, Owner, Status, etc.

    • Location Information - Enter the address or the location of the property.

    • Property Details - Enter the other property details which include the dimensions, area, etc,

    • Transaction Details - Enter the transaction type of that property.
      • For Sale - When the transaction type is For Sale, you can view the Service Charge and Asking Price.
      • For Rent - When the transaction type is For Rent, you can view the following fields Number of Periods, Rate Per Period, Deposit Amount, Rent Amount, Rental Date, Payment Method.

    • Property Images - Image of the property created.

  • On filling all the required Property Information, Click on the "Create" button to create a new property.

  • The property will be created successfully. You can Edit the information anytime in the Overview page, by clicking on the "Edit" icon.
Created Property

Note: You can also edit the “Status” and get a clear picture of the history of statuses that were changed over-time by clicking the history button as shown in the pop-up given below.



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