How to Configure the Customer Portal in the Projects App?

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There are numerous situations where you might need to keep a customer informed of the status of a specific Projects in your Projects App. Apptivo provides the ability to add third-party customers to specific projects, so they can log in and view the progress of the project's details using their own account.

There are few prerequisites to be followed in order to allow customer’s contact to access the Projects portal:

  • Create Customer
  • Create Contact
  • Create Project
  • Assign roles to Contact
  • Generate Portal

Create Customer on Business Account

  1. Log in and access Customers App (CRM Category) from the universal navigation menu bar (Note: Make sure to add the Customers App from the App Store).
  2. Click on “Create” button found in the left navigation panel.
  3. Enter the required information to create a new customer record.
  4. Once, entered, hit on “Create” found at the bottom.
  5. After creating the record, the customer overview page will be displayed.
    customer created

Create Contact for a Customer

On the customer overview page, scroll down to view the “Contacts” section in which you can create a new contact record associated to the above created customer.

  1. Click on “Create” button.
    create customer contact
  2. Enter the contact basic details on the Create Contact page.(It is mandatory to provide a valid email id)
  3. The created contact will now be associated with the Customer.
    customer contact created

Create Projects associated with the Customer

  1. Move to Projects App
  2. Create a new Project and associate the customer created, i.e Edward to the project.
    create project

Assigning Roles to Contact

The role assignment allows the contact record to access the project portal.

  1. Go to Contacts App, click on “More (...)” icon -> “Settings”.
  2. Go to "Security" -> “Actions” -> Turn on “Enable Login”.
    enable login for contact
  3. Now, go to the created contact view page.
  4. Click on “Enable Login” button.
    click on enable login
  5. Scroll down on the contact view page. You can now view the table named “App Access Privileges”.
  6. Roles can be added by this section.
    security roles
  7. Your contact gets updated.

Note: You are also allowed to create a new custom privilege instead of using the default role.

Generate Portal

    1. Once your contact gets updated, you will receive a mail notification to the contact mail address from the xinnect portal, from which the contact can accept the invitation.
    2. On clicking on "Accept" option, You will be redirected to the Sign Up page.
    3. You can set up your own password and sign up the portal.
      sign up
    4. You will be opened with Portal dashboard. Dashboard displays all Projects created by the xinnected customer's contact.(You can also view the cases portal)
    5. You can click on "Projects" Tab to view the projects of that particular customer's contact.
      projects tab
    6. To view the detailed information, click on "More details" icon.
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