How do I Export my Properties to CSV file?

Updated on January 30, 2018 01:24AM by Admin

The Export feature in the Properties App allows you to export all your properties within seconds!! This can be used to create a backup of all your property information into a CSV file. Now, this property's data can be exported in two ways:

  • Current Fields - The fields present in the current view alone will be exported.
  • All Fields - This exports all the fields of the Properties App.

Please go through the steps below to bulk export your properties.

Steps to Export Properties in Bulk

  1. Go to the Properties App.
  2. Click on "Show All" from the "Lists" drop down found in the left navigation panel.
  3. In the Show All page, bulk select the properties and click on "Select all * objects matching".
    select properties
  4. All the properties will be selected. Now, click on "Bulk Actions" -> "Export" -> ".CSV" -> "All Fields" option.
    all fields
  5. You can view the result as shown in the image below:
    property exported