How do I Configure Function Attribute in the Master Layout?

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Master Layout is the common feature in all apps. These are like business attributes which supports you to customize your business with custom fields. One of the important and useful custom field in the Master Layout is the Function Attribute. Function Attribute allows you to create a custom calculation based on the value of other fields and displays this calculation on the Creation page. We can use the Function attribute for five types of use which includes

  • Numerical Formula
  • Date Formula
  • String Formula
  • Date & Time Formula
  • Time Formula
Function Attribute

For instance: Let’s take “String Formula”. You can enter the texts manually in the function editor. Consider you would like to view the Designation of your Employees in a single field. By using String Formula you can concatenate the Department and Branch. Apptivo is manually entered.

string attribute

Lets now go through the steps of how to configure Function Attribute in Master Layout.

Steps to Configure Function Attribute in Master Layout

  • Login and access to the Employees App from the Universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on “More -> Settings” from the App header bar.


  • You will be redirected to the Settings page. Move to “Customize App -> Master Layout” from the Left navigation panel.
  • Master Layout page will be opened. Drag the “Function” field from the “Attributes” section and drop in the Master Layout.

    function attribute

    Now, the function attribute can also be used in the table section. You can Drag and Drop the function attribute in the Line level.

    Function in Table

  • You can rename the field by clicking on the field name. Inspector tab will be opened and you can change the name of the field as you like(Designation).

    string formula selected

  • Select the type as “String Formula” and scroll down until you reach the “Create Function” option.
  • On clicking on that option, you will be opened with a “Function Editor” popup where you can create your own functions.

    function editor

  • Insert the required function from the “Insert Attribute”. Select Insert Attribute -> Function Attribute -> Employee Details -> Department.
  • Then click on the “+” icon to add the next attribute (Branch). These two are function attributes.

    create function

    Note: You can choose if you want to include the visible or all fields to create the function attribute in the layout.

    Include fields

  • You can enter the text manually if needed. Here the text “Apptivo” is entered manually.
  • Then tap on “Create” button to complete the process of creating a string function.

    save changes

  • Update the changes by clicking on the “Save” button.
  • Move on to Employees Creation page and you can view the “Designation” field with the created string attribute.

    employee designation

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