How do I Configure Number Attribute in the Master Layout?

February 22, 2018 02:42am by Apptivo FAQ

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Answered on February 22, 2018 04:02am by Ishwarya Venkatesh

The Master layout is basic for all Apps which underpins you to customize your business apps with custom fields. You can create a new required field or alter the existing field according to your need. Now we will see the “Number” attribute field. Drag and drop this field if you want to add any number field to it. Every app of Apptivo makes use of number attribute and this attribute can be configured in Master layout of all the Apps.

Follow here the steps to configure Number Attribute. (For instance - We will configure Number Attribute in Leads App)

Steps to Configure Number Attribute in Master Layout

  1. Log in and access to Leads App from Universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on “More” and select “Settings” from the App header bar.settings
  3. Click on “Customize App” drop-down and select “Master layout” from the left navigation panel.master layout
  4. You can view the Master layout page. Now, we can drag and drop the necessary attributes required for your business.
  5. In Palette section, move to "Attributes" and drag the “Number” attribute and drop in the section where you needed in Master layout.number attribute
  6. You can rename the attribute as per your wish. By clicking on the Attribute, you will be seen the Inspector tab where you can rename the attribute. For instance: Contacted times.rename field
  7. You can also set a condition for the number field. You can set a maximum range. When the range exceeds, alert pop up will be displayed.maximum range
  8. Standard behavior can be set up and you can customize your needed properties. Click on Save button to get changes changes

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