How do I View the Inner Table section in the Invoice PDF Template?

March 6, 2018 11:23pm by Apptivo FAQ

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Answered on March 7, 2018 01:09am by Ishwarya Venkatesh

Apptivo Invoices allows you to create your own PDF template which then can be sent to your customers for payment. If on creating an invoice for a case, then you can add your task details and the work log details of the case in your PDF templates. This can be done by customizing the PDF template of the invoice. Follow the steps to view the inner table section containing all the details regarding the case.

Steps to View the Inner Table Section in the Invoice PDF template

  1. Login and access to the Invoice App from the Universal Navigation menu bar.
  2. Move to “More -> Settings” from the App header bar.settings
  3. You will be redirected to the Settings page. Tap on “Customize App -> Print/Web layout” from the left navigation panel.default layout
  4. Click on “Create -> Start with a default layout” button to create a new default template.
  5. Provide with a Template name and click on “Next” button. You will be opened with a default layout.template name
  6. Now, scroll down till the Cases section and click on the field. You will be viewing the Inspector tab with "Inner Table" toggle disabled.inner table disabled
  7. Enable the “Inner Table” toggle to view the cases work log and Task details in the PDF.inner table enabled
  8. Then click on “Save” button to make the changes get updated.
  9. Now, create an invoice for the case. (Select the case from the Invoice queue) and you will be opened with “Create Invoice from Case” page.
  10. Provide with the Invoice details and other information and click on “Save for Later” to get the invoice saved for future.print pdf
  11. Click on “Print PDF” to get your invoice in PDF format.
  12. Here you can see the Cases table with the Task details and Work log details as a inner table.invoice pdf
Note:  You can view the task details if only you complete the task. I.e if only you make the task as “Mark it Complete”  

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