How do I Configure Highlighting in the Leads App?

Updated on November 15, 2018 06:03AM by Admin

Though there are many reports in the Leads App that filter and highlight the required data accordingly, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could track and identify the leads at a glance. Yes! You can configure highlighting rules in the Leads App which will highlight the leads. This highlighting feature allows you to easily track the leads based on the highlighting condition set.

For instance: Consider you would like to highlight the newly created leads (Status = New) that are Assigned to you.

Note: You can configure multiple conditions combined with an AND/OR operator.

Steps to Configure Highlighting in the Leads App

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to Leads App Settings > Leads > Highlighting > click Create.
    click create

  3. In the Create Highlighting page, enter the following:
    • Name - Name of the highlighting rule.
    • Priority Score - Priority of the highlighting rule. This will be used to prioritize the highlighting, in case of multiple highlighting criteria being met.
    • Dashboard - Select the preferred highlighting color.
    • Description - Description of the highlighting rule.
    • Criteria - The Criteria section is where we are going to define the highlighting condition. (Note: You can configure multiple conditions combined with an AND/OR operator)

  4. Click Create.
    create highlighting rule

  5. On successful configuration of the highlighting condition, the leads will be highlighted whenever the highlighting criteria is met as shown in the below image:
    view leads highlighted