How do I configure the Summary Boxes in Apptivo Apps?

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You are aware of Views in Apptivo. These views filter a set of objects or fields with specific criteria. Be it a Standard View or Custom View, you can add the Summary boxes to the Apps. This feature gives you the sum, count or the average based on the condition that you set.

The Summary Boxes are now available in the Opportunities and the Cases Apps. The feature is supported in the Ultimate and the Enterprise plans.

Note: You can create a maximum of 4 summary boxes for a view.

For Instance: Consider that you are a Sales Manager and you want the count of your Opportunities depending on the stage in the landing page of the Opportunities App. You can create Summary Boxes in order to meet this requirement.

Steps to configure the Summary Box:

  1. Log in to your Apptivo Account and click on Opportunities.
  2. Click on More Options(...) and choose Settings.
    Settings Option in Opportunities
  3. Click on Views in the Customize App Dropdown.
    Views option
  4. Click on Create to create a new View.
  5. A side panel will pop-up where you can create your view.
  6. Enter the condition in the criteria section and click on “Create” to create your customized view.
    Creating a View
  7. Now click on Summary Boxes by the side of Criteria and click on “Create”.
    Summary Boxes in Settings
  8. Enter the necessary condition and create your Summary Boxes and click on “Create” and “Update” the View.
    Creation of Summary boxes
  9. You can preview the Summary Boxes before creating them and customize the background, text colour, icons, and Label Name in the Preview.
    Preview in Summary Boxes
  10. Go back to the Opportunities Overview page.
  11. Click on the view that you created under the “Lists”
    Viewing the Summary Box
  12. You can view the Summary box for the criteria that was set.
    Summary Box View

On creating similar Summary Boxes for the same View, to sum up, and calculate the average, the Summary Boxes looks like the below image:

Max Summary Boxes

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