How can I use Bulk Actions in Receiving App?

Updated on February 27, 2019 11:18PM by Admin

A receipt is recorded when items are received from suppliers in a warehouse before shipping them to the customer. This receipt transaction is to increase the quantity in the warehouse and avoid backorders. The Receiving App is used to manage the above function and the App enables you to make changes to an n-number of receipts instantly.

The available bulk actions are:

  • Export - This allows you to export the receipts in bulk.

Let’s now go through the steps of how to export the receipts in bulk.

Steps to Export Receipts:

  • Log in to your Apptivo account and choose the Receiving App
  • Create a new receipt in the Receiving App.

  • Choose one or more receipts in the Receiving App.

    Multiple Selection

  • You can find the Bulk Actions button enabled.
  • Select the Bulk Actions button and navigate to Export → .csv → All Fields to export the receipts

    All Fields Export

  • Download the.csv file and you find the exported receipts with all fields in the line level.

    Receiving Export