How do I Set Triggers in Activities?

Updated on March 11, 2019 12:01AM by Admin


Anything that signals an action when an event occurs is a trigger. Apptivo Triggers allows you to perform automated actions like updating an attribute based on a particular criterion. With triggers, you are able to specify precisely how automation will be initiated. This feature is available in the following activities: Tasks, Call Logs, Events, and Follow-Ups.

Triggers in Apptivo activities are of two types. They are:

  1. Event Based
  2. Time Based

Event Based Triggers

The Event Based Triggers in the Activities are initiated when we have to execute an action after the occurrence of a certain condition.

Event Based Triggers are built upon concerning three major events.

  • Create
  • Update
  • Delete

Once trigger criteria are set, these are the automatic actions that can be triggered:

  • Update Attribute - Updates a particular attribute value.
  • Call a Webhook URL


Time Based Triggers

The Time Based Triggers in the Activities are initiated when we have to perform an action for a repeated number of times or just once, based on a condition.

Time Based Triggers are built upon two execution frequency. They are:

  • One Time - You could set one time trigger
  • Recurring - You could set repetitive trigger

For Instance: Let us consider creating Triggers in Tasks

Steps to Create an Event Based and Time Based Trigger

  • Log in to your Apptivo account and on the Homepage click on “Tasks” from the left navigation panel.
  • Click on “More (...)” icon -> “Settings” -> “Tasks” -> “Triggers”.
    • For Event Based: Select “Event Based” triggers from the dropdown. Click on “Create”.
    • For Time Based: Select “Time Based” triggers from the dropdown. Click on “Create”.

      Event Based Trigger
  • In the creation page, define the following:
    • Name - Enter the name of the trigger.
    • Enabled - Slide the toggle ON, to have this trigger working.
    • For Event Based: Event - Select “Task Created” radio button.

      Trigger for Event
    • For Time Based: Execution Frequency - Select “Recurring” radio button and fill in the values for the corresponding dropdown.

      Trigger for Time
  • In the “Criteria” section, define the criteria as “Task Status = Scheduled”, by selecting the required attributes from the drop down.

Update Attribute

For instance: Consider an employee, who wants to Update the Tags, whenever a Task is Scheduled (“Status = Scheduled”).

    • In the “Actions” section, select “Update Attribute” in “Add” Dropdown.
    • To Create Trigger, a popup will be displayed. Select “Attribute” and “Value”.
    • Click on “Create”.
    • So, now whenever a Task is with "Status = Scheduled", Tags will be Updated as Manager.

      Create Trigger Action