Can my employees create their own tags without accessing the Settings?

Updated on March 11, 2019 07:25AM by Admin

Yes, your employees can now create their own Tags without accessing the Settings. Tags are created as Labels to group the records using relevant tags. You can fetch the contacts based on the tags easily.

The Super User of the firm has access to the creation of the tags while the other users can use the created tags. But, you can also provide the privilege of creating tags by the other users without giving access to the Settings. You can provide the privilege of creating tags in Contacts, Cases, Customers, Leads, and Opportunities Apps.

For Instance: Let’s consider the Contacts App. You can give the privilege of creating Tags to your employees rather granting them access to the Settings.

Steps to give access to the employees to create Tags:

  • Log in to your Apptivo Account and navigate to the Contacts App.
  • Click on More Options (...) → Settings in the universal navigation bar.


  • Choose Settings → Security → Actions from the left navigation panel.

    Security dropdown

  • Check if the toggle for Tags is enabled.

    Tag toggle

  • Click on the “Privilege” dropdown and select “Create Privilege”.

    Privilege dropdown

  • Once the option Create Privilege is chosen, you will get a pop-up to create privilege.

    Create Privilege

  • You can find the privilege created for the employees once you click on “Create”.

    Created Privilege

  • When an employee logs in and clicks on Tags while creating a Contact, he can find the tags that were already created along with an option to create a new tag.

    Contact Creation

  • If he clicks on the “Create New”, he will get a pop-up to create a tag and to choose if it is an App tag or a Global tag.

    Created Tag

  • The employee can find the tag created and tagged once he clicks on “Create”.

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