How to edit a Work Order in Completed Status?

Updated on March 21, 2019 07:25AM by Admin

Work Order status reveals the position of a work order in the processing cycle. This attribute lets you determine the future actions to be performed on the Work Order. Now, we have the option to edit information in the work orders by enabling the status toggle. This feature is implemented to support all the status in the Work orders App. The Statuses available in the Work Orders are Created, Submitted, Approved, Rejected, Not Started, In Progress, On Hold, Completed and Change Requested.

For Instance: Consider you want to disable editing records when the Status is Completed. Other than that, you would like to edit the statuses in the records. Let’s walk through the steps to enable/disable the toggle in the Work Orders App.

Steps to Enable the Status Toggle

  • Log in and access the Work Orders App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on More(...) icon→ Settings→ Work orders → Statuses


  • By default, Toggle for all Status will be Enabled.


  • Disable the "Completed" Status Toggle. The Changes made will be auto saved.

    Disable Toggle

    Note: You could enable or disable the toggle as per your business requirement.

  • When the Status is selected as “Completed” you will not be able to edit the information in the work order.

    Edit Disabled