How do I convert the line level sections to form sections?

Updated on May 7, 2019 03:19am by Admin

Customizing the master layout to our usability is one of the most significant advantages in Apptivo. The table sections can now be converted to form sections. The modifications can either be made for viewing or editing the objects. Let’s go through the steps to make the feature handier. The Form Layout feature is available in all Apptivo Apps.

For Instance: Let us consider the Orders App. You will have the Products/Items listed in the line level. If you want to view or create them as forms instead of tables, then take a look through the below steps.

Steps to convert the “Table” Sections to “Form” Sections:


  • Choose “Master Layout” from the “Customize App” dropdown.

Master Layout

  • Configure the master layout in the Orders App.

  • Select the “Products/Items” section in the Master layout. In the “Inspector tab” enable the Form Layout toggle and specify the number of columns.

Enable form layout

  • Customize the “Default State” according to the necessity.
    • Create - Select if you want to create when the order is “Open” or “Closed.”
    • Create Layout - Select the layout in which you want to create the order.
    • View/Edit - Select, when you want to view/edit the order, if “Open” or “Closed.”
    • View/Edit Layout - Select the layout in which you want to view/edit the order.
    • Conditional - Specify the condition on which the Form should be visible.
    • # of rows - Default number rows available in the line level.

  • The Default State is chosen as shown in the below image:

Default State

  • Now, create a new order.

Create Order

  • You can find the line level section as a table while creating the order.

Table level while creating

  • Once the order is created, you can find the Products/Items section as forms in the Overview page.

View and Edit