Why am I not able to Email Estimate/Invoice in the free/trial plan?

Updated on May 31, 2019 04:36AM by Admin

The Send button in Estimates/Invoices is displayed as “Create & Email” and “Email Invoice” respectively and this works as Email functionality. In free and trial accounts, there are email limitations due to reputation issues. You cannot email in these plans. We believe this is important to enforce to ensure we protect our customers' reputation. Henceforth, we don't support the send button feature for Estimates/Invoices app in the trial/free plan.

If you still wish to email your invoice/ estimate can download a pdf document of created estimate/invoice, by using the option "Print PDF". Attach the PDF document and send it to your customers/contacts via your Email account(Gmail, Outlook, etc).

If you wish to access this feature within Apptivo please upgrade your Apptivo account to a paid plan. To Know about paid plan upgrade please visit our post.