How do I generate Items Sales By Category report in the Invoices App?

Updated on July 1, 2019 05:42AM by Admin

The Invoices can now be listed based on the item sales by category. This report can bring out all the items based on the category, status, and filtered based on any specific period.

For Instance: Let us consider the Invoices App. You can see how to generate the report for Items Sales by Category.

Steps to generate Items Sales by Category Report


  • Click on the Items Sales by Category report from the General Reports drop-down.


  • Enter the attributes, based on which you want to filter the information.
    • Category - You can multi-select the categories of the items.
    • Invoice Status - Select one or more status of the invoices.
    • Invoice Date From - Select the date from which you wanted to filter the invoices
    • Invoice Date To - Select the period to which the report has to be generated.

  • Click on the “View Report” button.


  • You will get the filtered report, as shown below: