How to do In-Person Sign in Apptivo?

Updated on June 4, 2021 07:31AM by Admin

The in-person signing feature enables you to sign documents and collect multiple signatures directly from the device in face-to-face situations. Apptivo is now integrated with for in-person sign in the Work Orders, Estimates, and Contracts App.

First, you have to enable eSignature. Now, let us walk through the steps to do In-Person sign in your Work Orders.

Setting up of In-Person sign in Work Orders App

  • Access the Work Orders App. Click on More Options(...) → Settings→Customize App→Print/Web Layouts.
  • Open existing or Create a new PDF Template.
  • Drag & Drop the eSign attribute from the Palette tab.
Setup In-person sign in WO

Selecting Who should sign

  • In the Configured PDF Template, click on the “Signature” attribute.
  • The Inspector tab will get highlighted.
  • Here, click the “Who” drop-down and choose the value either as standard ref app or custom ref app fields.
  • This configuration works with the respective PDF Template only.
Selecting who should sign

Sending In-Person Sign request via Work Orders

Create New Work Order

  • In the Work Order view page, “In-Person Sign” button will be enabled.
Sending In-Person Sign

  • Click the In-Person Sign button. It will automatically pre-populate the Customer/Contact email address based on PDF Configuration in Start Sign Popup.
  • You could manually enter the email address in the Start Sign Popup if the email address is not present in the Customer/Contact record.
Start Sign

Note -​ In-Person Sign button will be disabled if the Work Order record is found without the configured PDF Template. If “In-Person Sign” is selected then the “Send eSign” button will be disabled.

Steps to do In-Person Sign

  • You will be redirected to's Work Order document page.
  • Click the Signature and it will display Create Signature Popup.
  • Either Draw or Type your signature and once completed click “Sign”.
Sign Format

  • The Signature will be displayed in the Document. Then, Click “Finish” to submit the signed document.
Finish Sign

Receiving the In-person sign success email

  • Once you have sent the eSign, Customer / Contact will receive the In-Person Sign success email.
  • Click the “View Signed Document” button in the received email and you will be redirected to App.
Success Email

Sign History for Individual Work Order

  • In the Work Orders App, Go to More(...) Options → Settings→ Work orders → eSignature.
  • You can set the eSignature History based on your requirements.
Selecting eSign history

  • Then in the Work Orders App, click on the “eSign History” tab in the Work Order.
  • Here, you could see the details of the signature history.

Signature History