What should you do if your account gets locked?

Updated on August 1, 2019 11:17PM by Admin

Policies are usually adopted by organizations to follow a course if action. We have formulated password policies for Apptivo, which enriches the security setting of the company. Password Policies are a set of rules and restrictions which are framed and has to be followed while creating a password. This concept is widely used to increase the security level of your account.

Another policy added to the list is the account lock settings. When you are not sure of the password and give an attempt to sign in, but lose it. You can make another four attempts, i.e., a total of five unsuccessful attempts after which your account gets locked for security purposes.

The account gets unlocked only after a time period of 30 minutes. Try entering the password that seems to be right to the best of your knowledge. Let’s take a look at the error that you’ll come across. If you have entered the incorrect password for the last five attempts, you will come across the below image.

Locked screen

You need to wait for 30 minutes. You’ll be given another five attempts following the 30 minutes of locking your account to log in. We advise you to reset the password to login if you are not sure about the password after the first 30 minutes wait, into your Apptivo account.