How do I create recurring tasks?

Updated on September 3, 2019 05:02AM by Admin

You can now create recurring/repetitive tasks in Apptivo and sync it with the Google Calendar. This reduces your work of scheduling a task each time. You can plan the tasks daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly accordingly.

Repetitive Tasks/ Recurring Tasks: The tasks that repeat over a specific period.

For Instance: Imagine that you run a business and you are responsible for delegating the tasks. But, you are cautious that none of the tasks is to be missed out. To achieve it, you can sync the Google Calendar with Apptivo tasks. You can also create recurring tasks in Google and sync them with Apptivo.

Steps to create Recurring Tasks

  • Login to your Apptivo account and click on the Tasks from the left panel.

Task icon

  • Click on Create option to create new Tasks.

Create option

  • Enter the details to create a task.

Creating tasks

  • Enable the toggle Repeat to create a Recurring Task. Once the toggle is enabled, a pop-up comes up. Enter the details and click on Save.
    • Repeats - Choose the frequency in which the task has to repeat(daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).
    • Repeat Every - Choose the period within which the task has to be repeated.
    • Repeat On - Choose the days in which you want the task to be repeated.
    • Ends - You can select an end date for the task, or it can be never-ending.

Recurring Tasks creation

  • Once you created the task, you can find it in your Apptivo Agenda.

Created Recurring Tasks

Note: You can sync the tasks from Apptivo to your Google Calendar, and in the same way, Recurring tasks from Google Calendar can be synced to Apptivo.