How to view a report with all enterprise-level data?

Updated on September 6, 2019 03:09AM by Admin

The purpose of the report is to get the data from the Contacts across the enterprise. The data in reports can be fetched as per the criteria. In Criteria, the attribute from the contacts app is selected. The filter option has to be set in the reports to get the data as per the need.

Entity Type

The purpose of an Entity type is to get and export the data based on all the entities or particular entities. It has two types as

  • Enterprise Reports - We can get records from all firms, globally. It will show with the universal layout for the report and export option. You will get the result of the main firm and also subordinate firms.
  • Business Reports - In the Business associated report, we get the data from the firm which we logged in. It shows the web layout for the report and export option. It has the universal layout option to select the table sections.

For Instance: Let us consider that you wanted to get a report of all the contacts that are created in the last month.

Steps to create an Enterprise level report

Report flow

  • Click on “Create” to create a general report.
  • Choose the Entity type as “Enterprise Report” and set criteria as the past month.

Report creation

  • Create the report.

Created report

  • Now, select Reports.


  • Click on View Reports.

View Report

  • You can find the Enterprise-level report as shown, which can also be exported.

Enterprise report