Why am I getting an error when adding attributes to the Master Layout?

Updated on October 4, 2019 06:18AM by Admin

Apptivo has been allowing customizing and adding an unlimited number of attributes in the Master layout. To enhance the performance, we restrict adding the attributes from the Master Layout.

Thus the addition of attributes is restricted to 350 while configuring on the Master Layout. When you exceed the limit, you will receive an error message as "You exceeded the maximum attribute limit. Please contact support.” If you want to add more attributes than the given limit, please reach out to our support.


Attributes count summary

The attributes count includes both the enabled attributes and the removed attributes. The deleted attributes will not add up to the count of the restriction limit. Moreover, the attributes limitation is not bound to any category of attributes. It remains to be a generic limitation count.

Removed Attributes

The removed attributes are the ones which are disabled in the hierarchical view in Master Layout.

Hierarchy level



How to resolve this error?

To resolve this error, you should delete the unnecessary or redundant attributes that are existing in the Master Layout to reduce the total count of the attributes. Disabling the attribute will not reduce the count of the attribute.

Note: Make sure to delete the removed attributes from the hierarchical view.

Can I add more than 350 attributes in Master Layout?

You can add new attributes to the Master Layout, only if the total count of the enabled and removed attributes is less than 350.