How to Integrate Zapier into Apptivo CRM

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In any business, it is always tedious to add information related to business contacts manually. It becomes sorted if there is an App that can integrate a business card scanner. Apptivo offers you this feature!

Apptivo has “Contacts+ App” that assists you in scanning the business card, which now gets created as a Contact automatically using the Zapier service.

The process of integrating a business card scanner can be done on both Android and iOS platforms.

Integration with Android

You can easily sync your business contacts to your Apptivo CRM using the Contacts+ App. The process begins with creating a Trigger and an Action for it. The trigger is to scan a business card using Contacts+ App and the action is to create a contact in Apptivo.

Steps to Create a Trigger in Contacts+

  • Using the Invite URL, click on the “Login to Accept Invite”.
Zapier Login

  • Log in to your Zapier account.
Access Your Account

  • In the Zapier dashboard, select “Make a Zap”.
Make a Zap

  • Now, search for the “Contacts+” App and click on it.
Search for Contacts+

  • On clicking on the app, you will find the Contacts+ App being populated.
  • In the “Choose Trigger Event” step, the “New Business Card Transcribed” option will be automatically selected. This will trigger when a new business card is submitted and has completed the transcription.
New Business Card Transcribed

  • Click on “Continue”.
  • The next step is to connect Zapier with your Contacts+ App. Click on the “Choose Account” option.
Choose Account

  • To allow Zapier to access your Contacts+ details, you are required to login to your Contacts+ App and authorize it.
  • Enter your Contacts+ credentials and click Log In.
  • On the page next, click Authorize to allow Zapier to access your Contacts+ data.
  • Enter your Contacts+ password and click Continue.
  • Your Contacts+ account will be successfully connected. Click Continue.
  • Now, click on “Test and Continue” to test your Contacts+ trigger.
Test and Continue

  • Click on “Continue” to finish setting the Trigger.

Steps to Create Action

  • The next step would require you to add an action that has to be done.
  • Search for the Apptivo CRM in “Choose App”. Click on it.
  • The “Create Contact” action will be selected by default. Click on “Continue”.
Create Contact in Apptivo CRM

  • The next step is to connect your Apptivo account. Click on “Choose an Account”.
Choose an Account

  • To allow Zapier to access your Apptivo CRM, you need to paste the API key and Access Key of your Apptivo account.

  • For that, log in to your Apptivo account. Go to “Business Settings” -> “API Access” and copy the API Key and Access Key found.
API in Apptivo

  • Paste the keys and click on the “Yes, Continue” button.
  • The Apptivo account will now be successfully added as shown. Click on “Continue” found.
Create Contact in Apptivo CRM

  • The next step is to map the fields present in Apptivo with the Contacts+ fields already found. (Note: You need to map all the fields present)
  • Click on the drop-down present and select the corresponding fields to be mapped.
Map the Fields

  • Once all the fields are mapped, click on “Continue” found at the bottom left.
  • Now, you can see the details of the contact that going to be created in Apptivo. Click on “Send Test Create Contact to Apptivo CRM”.

  • If the test is successful, it will show up the success message as shown in the image.
Test Successful

  • To view the test contact being created successfully, Log in to your Apptivo account and navigate to Contacts App.
  • Now, switch your Zapier account. Enter the name for the above Zap and enable it by sliding the given toggle.
Name your Zap

Scanning Business Card

  • Install and login to your Contacts+ Pro App from your Android device.
  • Click on “Sign in with Google”. Enter the required credentials and click on “Next”.
  • Click on “Allow”.
Contacts+ Pro App

  • All the existing contacts from the phone will be listed along with a ‘plus’ icon to add new. Select the ‘plus’ icon to add a new one.
  • Choose “Capture Business Card” to proceed.
Capture Business Card

  • It will ask permission to access the camera. Please click on “Allow” to grant access.
  • The camera will be ON and you can take a snap of the business card. Once you complete, click on “Done”. It will prompt with the choice to allow access for Contacts+ to the media files on your mobile. Click “Allow”. You can see that the Business card is transcribing. It directs through the “Transcribing” screen, where you need to click “Next” to proceed further.
  • You will be directed to the general tips and instructions below. Click “Got it” to proceed.
  • Please wait till the “Transcribing” action is completed.
  • Once the process is completed, navigate to your Zapier and then choose “Task History” where you can see the success message as shown below.
Task History

To View Contact in Apptivo

  • Log in to your Apptivo account and navigate to the “Contacts” app.
  • Now, you can view the contact created by scanning the business card.
View Contact in Apptivo

Integration with iOS

Let us now go through the steps of the integration of Contacts+ App using Zapier service.

Steps to Create a Trigger in FullContact

Follow the same steps mentioned for Android to Create Trigger in the Contacts+ App.

Steps to Create Action

Follow the same steps mentioned for Android to Create Action in the Apptivo CRM.

Scanning Business Card

  • Install and login to your “Contacts+” App from your iOS device.

  • Click on “Sign in with Google”. Enter the required credentials → Next.
  • Click on the “Plus” icon and select “Capture Business Card” to scan the card.
Capture Business Card

  • Once the image is captured, click on save.
  • On saving, wait till the Transcription process completes.

  • Once the transcribing is complete, navigate to your Zapier account.
  • Now, go to “Task History” and view the “Task Successful” message.
Task History

Contact Created in Apptivo

  • Go to the Contacts App in your Apptivo account.
  • Now, you can view the contact is created successfully.
View the Contact

Bad Practices

  • Any error in the steps will result in the failure of synchronization. Due to which, the records will not get synchronized.
  • To avoid any kinds of failures during the process, ensure to update the Contacts+ App.