How to view the voided Payments in the Customer Payments App?

Updated on January 5, 2020 10:39PM by Admin

Keep a track of your customers’ payments using the Customer Payments app in Apptivo. Different invoices are generated in the Invoices App which includes Supplier’s Invoice, Customer’s Invoice, and other business transactions. To shorten your work, Apptivo has created a dedicated app for Customer Payments.

You can void an invoice once the transaction is complete. Customer Payments App has a dedicated section to view the voided Invoices.

  • Navigate to the Show All page in the Customer Payments app.
Show All

  • Select a customer whose invoice has to be voided. In the Overview page, click void.
Select a Customer

  • On clicking void, you will be prompted to confirm the status. Here, select void and click Proceed.
Confirm the Status

  • You will receive a notification that the payment is voided. Now, navigate to the home page of Customers Payments app.
  • Here, select By Status → void from the left pane. You will see the record whose Invoice was voided in this section.