How to auto-refresh the consolidated Targets while launching a Campaign in the Campaigns App?

Updated on January 5, 2020 11:09PM by Admin

Apptivo enables you to auto-refresh the consolidated targets in the Campaigns App. You need not go to Campaigns App to make the changes. Any change made to the consolidated targets can automatically be updated in the Campaigns App.

  • Go to Settings in the Campaigns App → Customize App → Master Layout → Hierarchical View.
Master Layout

  • Here, scroll down to Launch details. You can see Auto Refresh is turned OFF by default.
Launch Details

  • Enable Auto Refresh and save it to add the auto-refresh feature in the Campaigns App.
Enable Auto Refresh

  • Navigate to the Show All page in the Campaigns App and select a Campaign which has to be launched.
  • In the Overview page, you can see Auto Refresh disabled in the Launch details.
Campaign Page

  • Enable it to Auto Refresh the Consolidated Targets when a Campaign is launched.
Enable Auto Refresh

  • Consider the email of a customer added in the Consolidated Targets is changed.
Customer Updated

  • Now, when the Campaign is launched, the email will automatically be sent to the updated email address as Auto Refresh is enabled.

Email Updated