How to disable an IMAP Account in Apptivo?

Updated on January 14, 2020 05:01AM by Admin

IMAP(Internet Message Access Protocol) enables you to sync your emails with Apptivo. You can forward your emails from an email address to Apptivo easily using this feature. When you want to stop the sync for a particular period or for an indefinite time, you can achieve it smoothly on a single click.

  • You can disable an IMAP account from the User Guide page → Preferences.

  • Now, navigate to Email → IMAP. You can see the IMAP enabled accounts.
Email → IMAP

  • Select the disable icon for the account where the IMAP has to be disabled.

  • Once the disable feature is selected, you will receive a notification and the disable icon will be replaced with an enable icon.
Enable IMAP

Consequences of disabling IMAP in Apptivo

  • Once you disable an account, you will stop receiving emails from that email address.
  • You cannot sync your emails from the email address with Apptivo’s email.
  • You cannot forward your emails from the email address to Apptivo.

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