How to update the close date automatically when the Sales stage moves to Closed Won/ Closed Lost in Opportunities App?

Updated on February 7, 2020 04:03AM by Admin

Apptivo enhances your efficiency by allowing you to have the work done automatically. You need not modify the values of attributes manually. Instead, you can use the Trigger feature of Apptivo to get the work completed.

You can have the ‘close date’ to modify according to the sales stage. Here, Closed Won or Closed Lost.

For instance: Consider creating a record in the Opportunities App with the sales stage as Prospecting.

  • Go to Settings → Opportunities → Triggers → Event-based. Here, select Create from the right pane to create a new trigger.
  • You will be re-directed to the Create Trigger page. Add a name for the trigger.
Create Trigger

Step 1: Selecting an Event

The trigger is enabled by default. You can disable it when the trigger is not needed. You can create triggers during three events.

  • Opportunities Created

It creates a trigger when an opportunity is created.

  • Opportunities Updated

It creates a trigger when an opportunity is updated.

  • Opportunities Deleted

It creates a trigger when an opportunity is deleted.

  • Here, a trigger is to be created when an opportunity is updated i.e The trigger has to generate when the Status is changed to Closed Won/ Closed Lost.
  • Hence, you can see the event chosen is Opportunities Updated.
Event Selected

Step 2: Setting the Criteria

  • Now, Set the condition for the trigger.
  • The condition is set to generate a trigger when the sales stage equals Closed Won or Closed Lost.
  • As there are two conditions involved, you can create two conditions for a single trigger by selecting Add Groups.
  • Add Groups allows you to add another condition. Also, the trigger is to be generated when either of the Sales Stage is selected. So, we choose the Or functionality for the criteria.

Step 3: Action to be taken

  • As the criteria are set, the next step is to decide on what action is to be taken when the mentioned condition is present in a particular record. Here, the Close Date has to be the date when the Status was changed to Closed Won/ Closed Lost.
  • On clicking Add from the top right of the Actions section, you can see four kinds of actions are available.
  • Since an attribute is to be updated here, we can choose Update Attribute action.

Step 4: Update Attributes

  • The update attribute allows you to update an attribute in the Opportunities app when the criteria are met.
  • Here, you can see the action is set to change the Close Date to the date when the Status is Closed Won or Closed Lost.
Update Attributes
  • Change the attribute as Close Date → System variables → Now. Now refers to the current date when the event was triggered i.e The Close date gets changed based on the date when the Status was modified to Closed Won/ Closed Lost.
  • Once the values are added, select Create.
Trigger Created
  • A new trigger is created for the required condition.
  • On updating the status to Closed Won in the mentioned Opportunity, you can see the Close Date is changed to today (The date when the status is changed).
Updated Status
  • Similarly, on changing the status to Closed Lost, the Close date changes to the date when the action occurred.