How to set criteria for sending an Estimate in Apptivo?

Updated on February 17, 2020 02:23AM by Admin

Restricted access is a great tool to have an eagle’s eye over businesses. It is not always easy to deal with multiple estimates and send them. There might be incidences where sending an Estimate is not required. In those cases, you can make use of set criteria feature to restrict this feature.

  • Go to SettingsSecurityActionsObject. Here, scroll down to the Send section.

  • By default, the send feature is enabled for Estimates App. You can decide who can access the Send feature by setting Privileges from the Estimates App.
Setting Privilege

  • Employees who have the selected Privilege can access the Send feature.
  • To set your criteria for displaying the Send button, enable the Set your own criteria for displaying the send and select Set Criteria button.
Set Criteria

  • You will be notified with an Edit Criteria side panel. In the side panel, set the criteria during which the Send button should appear.
Side panel

  • Here, I have set the criteria to display the Send button when the Estimate’s status is Created.
Since the condition is set to display the send button when the criteria match, the send button does not appear for all other statuses.

When the Criteria Matches

Create a new record in the Estimates App. As the status is created, you can see the Send button is available.

Criteria Matches

When the Criteria doesn’t Match

Consider an Estimate whose status is not created. Here, submitted. Then, the Send button will not appear.

Criteria Doesn't Matches