How to permanently delete items from the trash in items app?

Updated on February 17, 2020 06:03AM by Admin

Apptivo’s item app helps you to register thousands of items to make the process of selling and purchasing hassle-free. You can add multiple products under the enlisted categories to generate punctual invoices, shipping, and delivery. You can add and delete any number of items in the items app. In order to avoid confusion and misnumbering, items app has come up with an option to permanently delete the items that you claim to be unwanted.

  • Go to Items app, now select the item that you wish to delete.

  • Now click on the more details option in the data table it will take you to the overview page.
more options

  • In the overview page, you can see the delete option on your right side, click on it to delete the specific item.

  • Once you delete, the item will be moved to the trash.
  • To go to trash, click on the more details option in the app header.


  • Now select trash → select items.
  • Now select delete forever option to delete the items from the item app.
delete forever

  • Once you click the delete forever option the item will get permanently deleted.

In case if you want to restore the deleted item you can click on the restore button that is available next to delete permanently option.

  • These are the essential steps to be followed to delete items permanently from the items app.