How to create a Documents on the Windows app?

Updated on July 30, 2020 06:31AM by Admin

Apptivo's Documents App helps to manage all the documents that are uploaded through the other Apptivo apps. Inside the Documents app, it will automatically manage the documents by segregating into the My Documents, Shared Folders, and App Folders.

My Documents 

In my documents, you view the documents associated and related to the other apps. Additionally gives an option to upload the documents from the Local device, Google Drive and Dropbox

For Instance: Consider uploading documents from the Local device/google drive/ Dropbox through the Apptivo's windows app.

  • Login and access the Documents App from the Collaboration.

Login view

  • Here, you can view the My Documents, Shared Folders, and App Folders. You can customize the view as Grid view and list view of the documents by clicking the icon in the right corner of the header.
My Documents
  • Click on the + icon in the bottom right corner and click on the upload.
Upload view
  • You can view the popup as Upload. Add Dropbox Document and Add Google Document.
    • Upload - To upload the document from the Local device.
    • Add Dropbox Document - To upload the document from the Dropbox
    • Add Google Document - To upload the document directly from the Google drive. 
Popup View

Shared Documents

In the Shared documents, you can view all documents that have been shared with the team or an individual through all apps from the Apptivo. For Instance: if you had shared the documents to the employee, you can view those documents in the shared folder.

 Shared Folders

App Folders

In the App Folders, you can view all the associated documents with all the apps from the Apptivo along with the segregation of the app with the particular folders.

 App Folders