How to add images for Items in the Items App?

Updated on February 20, 2020 05:31AM by Admin

You can add images for Items in the Items App. Research says images have a better reach than words. With this, having images will help to locate an Item efficiently in Apptivo.

  • Go to Items App in Apptivo and create a new record or open an existing record. In both cases, navigate to the Overview page of a record.
Image Section

  • You can see there is a feature to add the Product Images. Here, you can add the Thumbnail Image and New Image.

Thumbnails: Thumbnails are a reduced version of the complete image which can be used to load the image faster and manage different groups efficiently.

  • Click on (+) icon to add a thumbnail image and complete image of the Item.
Image Section

  • You can see the images are added to the Item. You can delete it or select download to download the image.